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We offer the complete home decorating service.

Interior Decorating Specifications

For walls and ceilings:

  • Strip existing coverings where applicable
  • Remove areas of blown plaster as needed and skim finish, making good new to old plaster work
  • Rake out, fill and smooth cracks; seal all repaired and water stained areas with one coat of Alkali Resisting Primer
  • Apply 2 coats of either matt vinyl emulsion, vinyl silk paint (according to your requirements)
For woodwork:
  • Wash down, sand, fill and make good
  • Prime exposed areas and apply 1 undercoat and 1 top coat of gloss paint
  • Sand down between coats


Exterior Painting Specifications

For woodwork:

  • Where paint coatings are flaking, bubbled, built up in corners or unstable, these will be burnt off, or removed by raking with a shave hook to bare timber.
  • The surfaces washed down then sanded with abrasive until smooth, and filled either with linseed putty or wood filler.
  • No cellulose fillers will be used on timber.
  • Defective putty to be raked out, rebates primed and putty re-run.
  • Bare timber to be given 1 priming coat of oil based primer.
  • Bring forward with 1 undercoat and 1 gloss coat.
  • Timber will be sanded down between coats.
For stonework:
  • All loose, flaking and unstable coatings to be scraped, wire brushed, burnt or otherwise removed.
  • Crumbling stonework to be hacked off and refilled with either cement-based filler.
  • Cracks to be raked out, filled and smoothed, and repaired areas to be given 1 coat of exterior stabilizing primer.
  • Surface then to be painted with 2 coats masonry paint.
For ironwork:
  • Remove rust and deteriorated paint by wire brushing.
  • Prime with red lead wherever previous coating is broken.
  • Apply 1 undercoat and 1 top coat gloss paint.

Payment Terms

Wallpaper is not included, however all other materials including paint are included.

Our Schedule

Our philosophy is to be totally flexible. To accommodate the needs of our customers, we can work evenings, nights and week-ends as well as a normal schedule. We will endeavor to work to your requirements

Glossary of Terms

Making good This means racking out and filling all cracks and holes. We will also "feather out" areas of plaster work to upgrade the surface. Making good will leave a surface sound. It will not make an imperfect surface perfect, or smooth out existing ridges and undulations.

Lining Where the plaster work is cracking or imperfect, or there is a possibility of further cracking, lining paper is used. We use 1000 grade lining paper and will hang it butt-jointed so that seams are not noticeable. If needed, this will upgrade a surface more than making good.
Plastering By this we mean actual resurfacing of an area, wall or entire room by a tradesman plasterer. This is often the only way to obtain a perfect surface. It is either by use of two coats of plaster or by fixing plasterboard and skimming.
Rubbing down By use of abrasives. It has a number of purposes: remove nibs, flaking paint and imperfections. It provides a "key" for new paint and retards excessive build-up of paint on the woodwork. On woodwork we will rub down the entire surface before painting and "flatting down" with fine abrasive is done between coats.
Wall and ceiling finishes We will normally use paint rollers and "cut in" with a brush. Paint rollers can leave a heavy texture. We will avoid this by not applying paint too thickly. Some texture is however unavoidable, particularly with emulsion paints.
Filling This is part of making good. Internally we normally use cellulose fillers on walls and ceilings. On external surfaces we use proprietary oil stopper, flexible fillers are used for gaps between wood and plaster, for example where skirting and architraves meet walls.
Rotten timber Rotten timber, particularly on exteriors, is not always noticeable at time of quotation. If found this will be pointed out to you. The customer can then make a decision on the necessary replacement or repair.